Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Story of Key, Preview of my Story

Name: Key Age: ???? Job: Serial Killer Info: Key was killed by warking at a harware store, Someone pushed the rack, of fresh cut, sharppend keys ontop of him, stabbing and cutting him everywhere, but, he came back to life years later, and is now afther Mase, the man who killed him son, Key used a Large sharpped key as his wepond, when Key kills someone; He takes their House key or any key the have on them, and puts it on his large key ring he keeps on his belt, He stalks his victims like a ghost, he is very silent, never makes a sound, His eye's glow when there is no moon or stars in the sky, His long Orange hair stays long, no matter what. Key never Takes his mask off, His inter face and body is coverd in stitches and Scars, from his unplesent death. He has an odd fedish of watching people bleed, he sometimes will drink his victims blood. He can sence fear, the more someone is afraid, the more he get excited, and ready to kill. Key is very tall and thin, he normally towers over his victims. No one as escaped him yet, not a soul.
Chapter 1 "Silent Night"

The night was still as a tall dark figure walked slowly in the shadows. The moon was not in the sky tonight, nor were the stars, it was dark, and still. There was no sounds too be heard, all was silent, except for the sound of keys jingling. A pair of blood red and black eyes glowed in the dark, there was no street lights, just those two glowing orbs, looking out into the night. A young girl walked on the sidewalk, all alone. She looked scared, and walked swiftly. The figure started to follow her slowly, the sound of keys no longer herd. It was quite, too quite. The young girl started to panic, she could tell, something wasn't right , she kicked up her speed as she ran in the direction of her home. The man smiled as he started to move faster, almost like a shadow, unseen, unheard, and at incredible speed. The young girl started to panic more as she kept running. A grin spread across the man's face, he could feel her fear, it excited him, making him want to see her blood more and more. He appeared in front of the young girl, she fell back and screamed. Her screams were cut short as a large sharpen Key stabbed her in the chest. Blood splatted everywhere, and all over the man. He grinned widely under his mask as he picked up her body and headed home. This man, was not like any other man, he was murdered, but something he loved. Keys. He looked up into the dark night sky and smiled. Key put his prize on his shoulder, as he headed back into the darkness.

Well that's chapter 1! Tell me how you liked it, I'll post chapter 2 soon.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Random poems from the Random mind

Here is a poem i wrote about a locker. Its very random but makes you feel like the Locker is a person talking to you face to face. Enjoy :)

Locker F1780
A lone Ranger
One of a Kind
Cannot find another
Just others who are corresponding

There are Scraches
There are Bruises
From all the mishandling
All the neglect

Looks similar to others but,
With battle scars
Signs of Conflict, conquest, and failure
Coded like the rest

Bleeding deep inside
With all the baggage
Secrets kept inside
Never to be told

This next two poems are similar, but about two different things. Hope you enjoy.


Can you see what you want to see?
Looking to the past, present, and far into time
You never know what you'll see
Looking here, Looking there
Will you see what you want
Or will you see what truely is?
Are you blinded by the light?
Or coverd by Darkness?
You never know what you'll see
Unless you open your eyes.


Rest in peace
Till death do we part
Everyone will start crying
While you fly up high.
Will they miss you?
Will you miss them?
Whats beyond the gate?
Heaven or Hell?
What happens when we die?
Will we fly up to Heaven or burn in Hell?
Do we just rot in the ground?
Will we become something eles?
Another person?
An Animal?
A Plant?
No one knows what will happen
Once we

The next few are Haiku's about Nature, fire, and the pain our world is in.


Danceing bright colors
Sunlight in the burning night
Till the lights burn out

Nature (Sound)
Whispering winds blow
Leaves rusting in the trees
Autum is near

Nature (Taste)

Sweet and sour leaves
Flowers have many flavors
If i was a cow

Nature (Touch)
Soft winds touch things
Like nest and hives with ease
Touching you and me

Save me please, help
For i am dying slowly
From the pain you cause me

These last few poems are Triolets about Sleep, Pain ,and what you see


I love to stay in bed
It's comfterble to sleep
It fills my parents with dread I love to stay in bed
When im there i eat bread
I also count sheep
I love to stay in bed
It's comfterble to sleep


My my tears are streams of ink
Thats what they have allways done
People think I'm going to sink
My my tears are streams of ink
I was once into pink
I once loved fun
My tears are streams of black ink
Thats what they have allways done

What do you see?

Look into my eyes
What do you see?
Do not tell me lies
Sometimes you wear ties
Your not truely free
Look into my eyes
What do you see?
Thank you for readin and I'll put more poems and maybe stories up when i can :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Evil essay and random stuff

This is an Essay i did for my writing class, i was told to write about if i was evil and how i would take over the world. ( the little picture is my Chracther Victor)

Today, I have decided to become evil (being good is getting lame). My plan for world domination will be so disturbing that all grown men will fall to their knees and cry. The world will not be the same once I’m done with it, it will look like HELL ON EARTH!!

Being good has seemed to lose its interest for me, so I’m going to be evil instead. MUHAHAHAHA!!! I’ve grown so tired of doing good, and seeing all the do gooders of this world. Humanity is blind; humanity thinks this world is full of puppy dogs and rainbows!! HUMANITY MAKES ME SICK!!!!!! The world is nothing like that, so I’ll show this world just what hell truly is!!!

My plan for world domination is simple, but EVIL! Stage one of my plan is to kidnap a very important person, and put them up for ransom, but I wont return the person, even if I’m paid to, I will cut the person’s throat , throw them over the side of the statue of Liberty and watch them splat onto the ground. Stage two is a bit more complicated but will be fun. I plan to get an army of criminal and mutate them, how you ask? I will tell you. I will put venom into their veins, and this shall make them super strong. After I make my mutant army, I will open hell and take a Demon Overlord as my husband. Since I would be married to a Demon Overlord, I will gain demonic powers and add an army of demons to my current army. Stage three is the one that really counts; this is the stage that makes Earth into Hell.

The world once I have taken over will not look the same. ALL the water sources will be dried up. The heat of the world will be blazing hot at Ten Thousand degrees. The ground is cracked and is nothing but dirt. The human race is now gone, the only creatures that roam the earth are demons, mutants, and the mixed breed between the two races. The food sources are Hell animals and hell plants, theses species do not need water to survive, but the acid like liquid that rains from the clouds. (All races and species drink this liquid) The sky is full of blood red clouds, and the only sources of light are the moon and the fire that rises from cracks in the ground. The Earth itself has become hell.

As you see, I plan to dominate the world, so if I was you… DO NOT STAND IN MY WAY!!!!! Or I’ll destroy you. My plan will be fulfilled in the year 2012. There is nothing anyone can do to stop me, NOTHING! You pathetic, disgusting, weak, worthless, dirty and just plain stupid humans can do about it, so join my army…. OR DIE!!!!!!!

Well thats my essay :). Also the two pictures you see are Lilith and Ralon, two more of my chracthers, they are not my main chracthers, but they are used a bit. Thinking of Demons and Mutants I have s few chracthers that can go under these sections there is Abbadon, J.T, James, Charlie, Kasdin, and Turk (to the right). Turk is my most used chracther. Turk is a 7'4 vampire with blue hair, He is known for his height and bad attitude. Also the last picture here was drawn for me by a friend of mine.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

To start with in this time of troubles

This world, is so, how do you say it.. Troubled. Economic problems mainly. I'm not much of a writer, but I thought I'd start a blog sooner or later so I did.

I'm really just a person who loves to talk and show off my work. I like to draw mostly. This is Sparky, one of my many characters. I know this is a terrible way to start off my first blog, but oh well. I know this is short but oh well.